We are an award winning production house, with extensive experience in the production of commercials. Our crews work for local as well as for international clients, collaborating with directors from Greece as well as Europe and the USA. Shooting takes place in Greece or abroad depending on the specific needs of the client. Having worked on a global scale, we are able to apply world-class expertise and the latest techniques in order to offer the best possible result to our clients.

AXE GOLD – Reactions (Boxing)

AXE GOLD – Reactions (Ballet)

AXE GOLD – Reactions (News)

CARROTEN KIDS – Bloom bloom

CARROTEN – Live Your Summer (Trailer)

ADORO SPREAD – School Of Taste

TOYOTOMI – Sensei – Store (Warranty)

TOYOTOMI – Sensei – Home (WiFi-Patience)

MELISSA – Space Rocket

OPAP – Forward

ADORO PER PASTA – School Of Taste

WIND – VISION – Presenter

VITEX – TEFLON – Thingbusters


WIND FIBER – Experience “GAP TV”


ELEPAP – Boogeyman

OPAP – OSEKA – Nick Galis “Basketball”

AVIN – Refuel & Win

ORZENE – DETOX – Game is on